DBA Lab, an Italian-based ICT Company, has developed an unparalleled expertise in the motorway sector through years of active participation in national and international projects in the area of construction, implementation and maintenance of toll collection facilities.

Since the inception the EU Commission’s work on EETS and the ITS Directive, DBA Lab has dedicated time and resources that have contributed to the evolution of the ITS worlds by developing software applications in accordance with EU technical standards, as well as participate in coalition-building concerning the future direction of the ITS world.

Based on the Decision by the EU to liberalize the Toll Charging motorway market beginning from 2012 (Directive 2004/52/EC on the Interoperability of Electronic Road Toll Systems in the Community ), DBA Lab has invested heavily in the R&D for the creation of an EETS platform. The result of this R&D has been birth of a communication platform called ASSET® - Advanced Standardized Solution for European Tolling which is equipped to manage the information exchange between Service Provider and Toll Charger.

The ASSET® software platform, compliant with the European rules that regulate the EETS sector and in particular with EN ISO 12855, is continuously updated based on results derived from the work in standardization bodies